The story of a city girl turned farm girl

Welcome! I'm Jess and I'm The Accidental Farmgirl. I'm a city girl turned farm girl who traded in Chanel for Carhartt. My story is one that I get asked about often, as it uncovered my love for a simpler way of life and seamlessly integrated my passion for design. 

I was working in The Great City of Boston and moved home to Rhode Island for the Summer when I met my now husband. At the time I was adamant about living the life of a single woman, staying kid-free and maintaining the life of a fashionable city dweller. Except I unexpectedly fell in love with a man who had two children from a previous marriage, was originally from Utah and was a true farm boy at heart. Needless to say, I never returned to Boston. "The Accidental Farmgirl" was a nickname that stuck. 

Fast forward 10 years and we live in a rural town in R.I. with our 5 children (you read that right), and many animals. We raise our own livestock, eat straight from our gardens and enjoy the simple life. Through the process of creating a warm and inviting home for my family I was able to nurture my love for design, and found my passion for flowers in the lazy days of tending to my flower gardens. I couldn't bring myself to cut stems from the garden that I worked so hard to create, so I began playing around with Silk Florals to make decorative pieces for my home.  The Accidental Farmgirl Co. was born. 

My husband and I now work as a creative team; I make the floral pieces and manage the shop while my husband does all of the woodworking. We appreciate rustic beauty and work hard to emulate the same charm and style from our home into the goods we sell.